Monday, August 16, 2010

Maceo Parker & Marcus Miller At the San Jose Jazz Festival

Maceo ParkerMaceo Parker via
Maceo Parker and Marcus Miller At the San Jose Jazz Festival

Maceo Parker has stood the test of time. His early beginnings with James Brown, made him known as the early pioneer of the funk and hip-hop we still dance to today. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at San Jose Jazz Festival. Maceo blew his Sax horn like nobody I ever heard, the man is Funky, Jazzy and Bluesy. Maceo’s band was tight, the songs “Sing A Simple Song and  “Uptown Up” had the crowd on there feet. Maceo tribute to Ray Charles  “What I Say” was great. Maceo had this female singer, she put me in mind of Erykah Badu and Michele Chrisette she was so jazzy, bluesy and funky. In my opinion Maceo Parker gets better with age. He truly turned out the San Jazz Festival.

Maceo opened for Bass player Marcus Miller. Marcus Miller had some young musician backing him up. Most of the musician were in there Twenties. He had this Twenty Two year old Sax player, that young boy could blow that Sax. The drummer was driving every song and the keyboards were great.
Marcus Miller performed some of the music of Miles Davis, including “Tutu”, from the 1986 album Miller wrote and produce for the jazz legend.
Marcus Miller gave San Jose a taste of real jazz. I can say that the 2010 San Jose Jazz Festival was one that I won’t forget. I really enjoyed the people and the food.

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