Friday, June 24, 2011

Clarence Clemons (The Big Man) January 11, 1942-June 18, 2011

The Big Man Clarence Anicholas Clemons Jr. the tenor saxophone player in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band passed away from complications of a stroke he had suffered on June 12, 2011. Clarence Clemons played on various musicians albums. Clarence did a vocal duet with Jackson Browne ’You’re a Friend of Mine’ and “Freeway of Love’ Arethea Franklin’s hit single. He also collaborated on Lady Gaga songs “Hair and ’The Edge of Glory’ from her Born This Way album. Clarence Clemons was not only a musician he was also an actor as well. Clarence Clemons made his screen debut in Martin Scorsese’s musical New York, New York in 1977, where he played a Trumpet Player. Clarence also played one of the ’Three Most Important People In The World’ in the film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in 1985. Clarence Clemons guest stared on Diff’rent Strokes where he helped Arnold Jackson (Gary Coleman) to play the Sax. Clarence Clemons appeared twice on the episode The Wire, as a youth-program organizer. Clarence Clemons was a great Saxophone player who will be part of history in the music world. I never got to see Clarence Clemons in person, but seeing him on videos was a treat. Clarence Clemons Saxophone playing will be missed.


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