Friday, June 1, 2012

Roy Ayers

Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s I was exposed to all types of music. My parents had a reel to reel tape player. I remember my father sitting in the living at night and transfer his albums to the reel to reel tape player. One of his favorite artist was Roy Ayers, I remember my dad playing the “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” album. My favorite song was and still is “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, that song is a song that is still inspiring today.
Roy Ayers grew up in Los Angeles, California in "South Central", back then it was called "South Park". This was where the black music scene for musicians’ in Los Angeles back then. When Roy was five years old Lionel Hampton gave him his first pair of vibraphone mallets for the xylophone. Roy Ayers over the decades have put out some amazing albums. Another one I remember is the “Mystic Voyage” album it had an R&B vibe not like “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” jazz sound. Another one of my favorite songs was "Evolution" from the “Mystic Voyage”. I can always tell when I hear a Roy Ayers song; his signature xylophone sound takes me back to my childhood days. The Roy Ayers Project featuring Ayers and many Hip Hop producers is a documentary that is supposed to be released sometime in 2012.
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