Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kenny Wellington
CD title: In Retrospect
Genre:  Soul Jazz

CD album ‘In Retrospect’

Trumpet player Kenny Wellington was an original founder member of the groups Light Of The World and Beggar & Co. As well as performing and recording with those groups
he has recorded, arranged and played live dates with many artists from the different genres of soul, jazzfunk, rock and pop. These artists include fine artists such as Tina Turner, Spandau Ballet, Gabrielle, Paul Weller, Incognito, Tom Browne, Jean Carn, The Jones Girls, Gwen Mc Rae, Alexander O’Neal and many others.
;Bahia’ is from the CD album ‘In Retrospect’, the follow up to the first solo recording ‘Kind Of Black’ which featured the popular recording ‘The Big Apple’ which received much airplay in the UK and USA on stations favouring the jazz, soul and jazzfunk genres. The influence and style of the music of the early Seventies classic jazzfunk albums is evident throughout.
The CD pays homage to the tradition of the great works of musicians like Donald Byrd and his work with the Mizell Brothers with tracks like ‘Free Your Mind’ and ‘Dream Land’ being set firmly in this direction. There is a great reworking of the track ‘Bahia’ which was originally co produced by Kenny and Richard Bull well known for his fine work with Incognito. ‘Rain Dance’ is more akin to the work of the great Woody Shaw. There is also the influence in the playing of Nat Adderley, with a definite nod in the direction of some of the great work that Marcus Miller produced for the great Miles Davis. ‘In Retro Spect’ sits well with the great work of the modern day trumpet players with some wonderful melodic playing over some very soulful and jazzy grooves.



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