Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Donald Byrd

I remember growing up listening to a lot of Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds. My parents were always playing his songs. If we were at home or driving in the car listen to him on 8 tracks songs like “Flight Time”, “Think Twice”, “Places and spaces out there”, “Slow Drag”, “Sky High”, “Witch Hunt”, "You And The Music", “We're Together”, “Rock Creek Park”, “Black Byrd”, “Walking In Rhythm” and “(Falling Like) Dominoes” the list goes on. Donald Byrd’s music has been sampled by rappers. When I hear youngster today, that hear a Donald Byrd song for the first time and say, he got that from so and so. It gives me great pleasure to say learn your history.
Born in Detroit, Michigan on December 9, 1932 Donaldson Toussaint L’Ouverture Byrd II is an American jazz, rhythm and blues trumpeter. Donald Byrd had a gift at an early age. Before finishing high school he was performing with Lionel Hampton. Donald played in the military band, throughout his term in the United States Air Force. He is an educated man as well. He attended Wayne State University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in music. He also received a master’s degree at Manhattan School of Music.
Donald Byrd had the foresight to moves away from hard-bop jazz base and began to record jazz fusion and rhythm and blues. Donald Byrd is known to be the pioneer jazz, funk and soul sound of the 1970s. That is when Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds were born. I think this was fantastic move. This was one of the great jazz/funk bands in the 1970s. I count myself blessed to have grown up listening to this amazing music and this great man. You can listen to songs from Donald Byrd on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, Pandora MyGen365, Live365 and Athena365.


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