Monday, December 23, 2013

DJ INC & the Soul People

After listening to DJ INC & the Soul People’s song “Bubbs to do List” on Streetwise Radio, I knew I had to hear more. Their sound is pure harmony! The musicianship is fantastic. These Chicagoans with their pulse on a variety of music styles has been doing their thing for over a decade. I like their music because of the jazz, acid jazz, hip hop, house/dance, dancehall, soul, neo soul and Brazilian styles. It makes for an amazing trap sound. While listening to the CD “The Afterset Session, Volume 2,” I knew DJ INC and the Soul People’s songs were going on my playlist. Here are three songs that I like: “Outfit Together,” “Steppers Swagger,” and ‘Bubbs to do List.” Check out DJ INC & the Soul People’s music on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, Athena365, Live365, iTunes, Pandora and Gilroy Radio.


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