Monday, March 17, 2014

Miles Bonny

I was listening to Streetwise Radio this morning when I heard this deep sexy voice. I clicked on this to see who the artist was and the song. It was Miles Bonny singing “Lumberjack Soul.” I never heard of him. I knew I had to listen to more of his music and find out where he was from. To my surprise, he was a robust white guy, with a beard and a whole lot of soul. I thought I had been missing out on this amazing artist. Well not anymore, I can’t get enough of his voice. He can sing! His genres include Jazz, R&B, Blues, Hip hop, Soul and Neo Soul. Miles Bonny was born in New York, NY; he grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. Miles Bonny is a 33-year-old record producer, singer, trumpeter and DJ. His music is down to earth music for the soul. DJ Michael Ealey witnessed him in action last summer at the San Jose Jazz Festival. I’m sure upset I missed him. I know if he comes anywhere near San Jose, I won’t miss out again. Here are some of my favorite songs from Miles Bonny” “Lumberjack Soul,” "On Impulse,” "Closer Love,” “Yes I Do,” “Desperado (Nicholas Kopernicus Rework),” “What It Is I See” and “Sing Your Song.” That is why I love Internet radio. You get hear true talent like Miles Bonny. Who in my opinion blows the doors off theses so called artist that DJ’s are playing on the on-air stations. Check out Miles Bonny Songs on Streetwise Radio, you will become a fan. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, Live365, Athena365, MyGen365 and Gilroy Radio.

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