Sunday, March 29, 2015

Taylor McFerrin is Taylor Made

By Amero

Well here we go again people another day another bill to pay! Don't worry
be happy! Easter is right around the corner so get your Chocolate Bunnies
ready. And boil those Easter Eggs. Lol. Today's topic is so cool because the 

artist is super talented, totally original and creative. Taylor Mcferrin an 
american DJ, producer,beatboxer has managed to mix all genres of music 
into a collage of musical mastery. Enter Jazz-Electronica now i admit at 
first I felt as if I was transported to the mythical land of Narnia. I was a bit 
lost in the music but as i just sat back and took it in and was able to grasp 
the vibe or how one would say the motion of the ocean.
Son of popular vocalist Bobby McFerrin Taylor has music in his blood.
Taylor seamlessly plays all the instruments in his productions and goes
his own way musically. Going in a different musical medium than his father
hasn't kept them apart as father and son have collaborated on numerous
projects together. Taylor's first full length EP “Early Riser”, was dropped in
June of 2014 and was highly anticipated. I have never personally heard
music like this so it was a surprise. I imagine going on a long train ride
looking out the window at unknown landmarks and beautiful scenery with
Taylor McFerrin playing on my ipod. With the success of his EP Taylor
is now on tour in Australia but he has already rocked in the states at
numerous venues like Radio City Hall, Apollo, and Lollapalooza. Taylor
has opened for the likes of Erykah Badu, The Roots and even Nas. Now
he gets a chance to be the headliner of his own show. Taylor loves the
use of samples but on “Memory is Energy” the keyboard and bass played by
McFerrin is very distinctive. All i can say is that in a world where musical
originality is at an all time low don't expect to feel that way after listening to
Taylor McFerrin because he wont let you. With chord changes melody flips
Taylor keeps you guessing and wanting more of his musical journeys. Come

check out Taylor McFerrin and other jazz electro artists on the Streetwise 
Radio Jazz Cafe. Brought to you by Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.
 Keep it Lit til next time.

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