Thursday, February 25, 2016

We Are King

Musical talent is a gift and not to use it is a crime. Well the trio King have used their talent exceptionally well. This trio consist of Minneapolis twins Paris and Amber Strother and Los Angeles native Anita Bias. They met in Los Angeles and realized they were born to create together. Their unique blend of voices and engaging harmony made for a fantastic trio known as King. Their not only amazing singers, these ladies can write some beautiful songs. Their independent debut project King was written by all three ladies and fully produce by Paris. My favorite songs from “We Are King” album are “Carry On”, “Native Land”, “Oh, Please”, “Hey”, “Mister Chameleon” and “Red Eye”. Their songs make me happy! They reminded me of relaxing on the on a balcony of a cruise ship, sipping on a rum punch watching the sunset over the water. This Jazzy, R&B trio is awesome. Check out songs from King on Streetwise Radio. King will be performing at the San Jose Jazz Winter Festival on March 3, 2016. Don’t miss them.

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