Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Adrian Younge Written by: Rajada Ealey

Mark your calendars everyone because the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest is approaching soon and guess who’s performing, Adrian Younge! Some of you may know him for producing the brilliant Black Dynamite soundtrack or some of you may know him for his latest collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan member, in Twelve Reasons to die II. But those of you who don’t know him, this may be your perfect chance to see this amazing composer live in action.   

When I first listened to Adrian Younge, I instantly found myself placed in a time machine headed back to the 60s and 70s. He’s usage of smooth jazzy, soul-funk rhythms reminded me a lot of music my mom loves to play. Artists like Slave, Chic, and Larry Young immediately came to mind. It was a blast from the past, but I had to realize that this music wasn’t from the past. It was from the present! Very excited to come to that realization, I became excited for future soul-funk works from this man. Starting out strong with the production of the Black Dynamite soundtrack in 2009, Adrian Younge has had many other successes the following years after. Songs like La Ballade and Silently definitely established a friendship with my ears. His musical style is a unique one. Influenced by the upbeat aroma in which soul-funk brings, but also the chill atmosphere in which the style of Jazz oozes, is a great combination and I have yet to hear anyone who does it better than Adrian Younge. He has the skills to put his best work first and it definitely shows in his works. Having been skilled in a wide range of instruments, such as bass, keyboards, flute, synthesizes, and the viola just to name a few, has paid off because Adrian Young not only holds one but three titles to his name: a musical arranger, producer, and composer. I most certainly would jump at the chance to see Adrian Younge live. So check him out, you may find something you were just looking for. 

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