Friday, November 16, 2012

Joe Blessett Jazz Man of Mystery

Who is Joe Blessett? What does he look like? That is the one million dollar question. I know his music is composed, effortlessness, genuine and methodical. Joe Blessett says he’s not a musician and that music is his vice. Well, I must say if he not a musician, then what are these music stars of today called. It is puzzling to me, because his music features acoustic instruments, electronic instruments which blend well with his writing skills. Joe Blessett’s touch of funk and a lot of sax is very pleasing to the smooth jazz and the modern jazz fan. I love his sound. Joe Blessett is a true composer and writer. Joe Blessett’s 2011 album “Chillin Out In Dark Places” is a compilation of him sitting back in dark places and observing life. Like he says in his bio “What I see composed into musical composition. Music is life moving at different speeds heading two different directions moving along separately, but in unison creating a fluid motion and providing peace to those who will listen.” Joe Blessett is a guy of mystery. His music is in my opinion jazzy, funky and mellow. The songs Better Days, East Shore, Rainy Season, Chillin out in Dark Places, Friends, Wine & Good Times Warm Summer Night are my favorites. I like these songs because of the bluesy, jazzy sax playing. I know I’m a Joe Blessett fan now. If you have never heard of Joe Blessett you can listen to some of his music on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on ITunes, Athena365, MyGen365 and Live365. 


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